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Press Brake

Mechanical Press Brake

Mechanical Press Brake
The Mechanical Press Brake is designed for bending metal plates and sheets. This press brake machine is integrated with interlocked construction, which has spinning flywheel to empower the operational functionality. The rigidly made spinning flywheel of press brake stores high value of energy, which helps excellently in bending the metal sheets precisely. The press brake machine is featured with minimum deflection and sturdiness that consents to align the plates and sheets perfectly.

  • Maximum transmission of power and torque
  • Immaculate plates’ alignment
  • Flexible clutch
  • Low deflections
  • Precise bending
  • Equipped with air activated clutches

  • Engineering Industries
  • Steel Industry
  • Metal Products Forming Plant
  • Automotive Industries

Technical Specifications
ModelsTonsBending Capacity in Mild Steel
( L x T)
Clearance Between HousingsStrokes per MinuteStrokes of Ram
Ram Adjustment (M.M)Shut Height Ram StrokeDepth of Throat (MM)Main Motor HP/KWRam Adjustment Motor HP/KWOverall Dimension
RPB-1 20201525X1.610002550502002505/3.7Manually
RPB-2 25252000X1.613002550502002505/3.7Manually230011502075
RPB-3 40402000X2.513002550502002507.5/5.61/0.75230011502075
RPB-4 60602000X3.2513002560502002507.5/5.61.5/1.1230011502075
RPB-5 80802500X4190025755027530010/ 7.62.0/1.5290015002620
RPB-6 1001002500X4.5190025755027530015/11.22.0/1.5290015002620
RPB-7 1201202500X6190025755027530020/152.0/1.5290016002620
RPB-8 1601603125X6205025755027530030/22.42.0/1.5340019002660

Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake
Incorporated with latest technologies, the Hydraulic Press Brake is suitably used for precise bending of metal sheets. These press brakes are designed by making the combination of two synchronized hydraulic cylinders, which are operated on the C-frames. Our offered press brake machines have welded steel frames having excellent stress relief to minimize the deflection even under full load construction. The machine is built-in with a servo motor for driving the belt drive, shifting tonnage on the ram.

  • Precise metal bending
  • Adaptable bending strength
  • Involuntary calculation of required bending angle and bending force
  • Excellent control over speed and positioning of the ram
  • Excellent protection from concentrated load on tooling

  • Locomotive Manufacturing
  • Automotive Industries
  • Metal Forming Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Die & Bearing Making Industry

Technical Specifications
ModelTonnageTable LengthBending CapacityTable widthClear PassRam StrokeOpen HeightThroat DepthApproach Pressing Return SpeedPowerPacking Dimension
in MTin mmin mmin mmin mmin mmin mmin mmin mmEHP( LxWxH)
PBR 2152015001.6x15002x1250125105010025010035-9-3531700X1050X1900
PBR 3203020002x20003x1250125155010025020030-7-4032200X1150X1900
PBR 4204020002.5x20003x1500180155010025020040-6-4552200X1150X1800
PBR 4254025002x25003x1500180205010025020040-6-4552700X1150X1900

Press Brake

Press Brake
We our engaged in designing and developing accomplished Press Brakes that has chief function of bending the metal sheets and plates. We employ international parameters, while keeping the immaculate distance to the back-gauge, between the frame uprights and side housings etc. This makes our product highly rigid, easy to operate, less deflective and alignment.
Moreover, it has LEDs screen that indicates precise position of the tool stations and bending sequence, with optical bend guiding; designed to press brake operator through bending applications. We offer them as hydraulic and mechanical press brakes, which are their most prominent category.
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